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Hey everyone

I need a female VA to play the role of Leah in LWL Episode 2. It's a pretty short scene and once I have her lines the Episode will be ready to upload, I'd like to get this last part done fairly soon ^_^

If anyone is interested in voicing the character, please message me on here and we can discuss all the details including payment and whatnot x3

But I should probably write a little description about the character first xP and I'll include some images at the bottom for visual reference.

---Leah Marie---
A sarcastic and often snarky girl, Leah has a habit of getting straight to the point when it comes to conversation, often blurting out things that most people would avoid mentioning. When Leah is talking you usually get the impression that she's focused on other things, her mind wanders, she changes topic randomly and she doesn't seem to commit to one train of thought.



I'm happy to answer any other questions about the character, and I'll be sure to give more details if needed

Thanks for reading!


Long overdue update

2015-12-15 00:07:22 by KenOhSama

Been a looooong time since I last updated, or posted anything really... But I never really know what to say, especially when I'm only working on one thing.

Work is kicking my ass, but it's close to Christmas so that was to be expected, I've had to cut out pretty much any extra drawing stuff and just stick to animating LWL. It feels like every time I get Episode 2 on the track to being finished, another idea jumps in my head and I end up either wanting to redo a scene or add another one entirely. I feel bad for constantly going silent on what is happening, especially when voice actors have provided some amazing stuff and I just kind of slink away for a while and come back with "Hey here's a new scene!"

I think once the Christmas season is over I'll start contacting everyone involved, hopefully I can find a way to thank them for their contributions. Making an animated series is a dream come true and without their help I couldn't infest Newgrounds with my poorly drawn cliche anime x3

Anyway I won't ramble on for too long, just wanted to say I'm still drawing every chance I get, and here's a small animated poster from one of the shots in Episode 2



It's gonna be May (Update)

2015-04-30 23:44:52 by KenOhSama

Hey everyone

Been a while since the last blog update, but I don't really like to post unless something major has happened, or there's something noteworthy to talk about.

Basically wanted to give an update on Episode 2 of Living with Lolly as well as plans for the series beyond that.

I've been working on Episode 2 for a while now, which has been a pretty long learning process, I relied on photoshop so much for Episode 1, but this time I've tried to cut back and get more experienced with Flash. Hopefully over time it will help improve the quality, whilst cutting back on how long they take to make.

The main thing that slowed me down early on was just the fact I tried to take on too much at once, I set up a Patreon account and offered a monthly raffle thing; on top of that there was also smaller animations I had in mind, and figure/gesture drawing practice. I realized that all of these things were eating into what time I did get to animate, so in the end I decided to cut out as much as possible and put all of my focus into Episode 2 (With some casual drawing studies whenever I could fit them in)

The good news however is I'm finally getting a decent amount of hours at work, before it was a week to week uncertainty, I'd never quiet know the number of days I'd be in. My schedule is a lot more stable now and there's a pretty good balance between work and how much time I'm getting to draw.

I really do miss being able to do the monthly drawing raffles and sketches, it was fun having something to vary up the type of drawings I was doing, but LWL is what's really important right now, once Episode 2 is finished (which probably will take another few months) I want to make sure there isn't another situation where there's a +1 year gap between Episodes.

I've noticed that my work flow has been a lot quicker lately, especially compared to earlier on in Episode 2's development, watching tutorials and animations has been a great way to pick up some tips and ideas, especially going through the submissions to Newgrounds, some of the movies that get submitted are so inspiring (If not a little intimidating) but having something to strive for is a huge motivation boost.

Anyway I've rambled long enough, thanks for reading, I'll leave you with an image of how things are developing, I'm actively trying to shift away from the chibi-esque style that popped up in Episode 1, so there's a few shots that are being redrawn in Episode 2. Here's one of a new character Dynamite Lee :3









You can find me on Twitter and Tumblr, I post frequent smaller updates and random sketches/info there


Just wanted to make an update covering a few points about LWL.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who commented or shared LWL EP1, the response has been great, especially all the tips and advice on pacing and writing.

With that said, if you haven't seen the first episode, you can find it here on Newgrounds, or at the Living with Lolly Youtube page ^_^

As for episode 2, the planning work is all but finished, there's still a few changes to be made to the script, but I've made a good start on the art side of things.

I'm also looking for a male voice actor to play Dynamite Lee, he will be introduced in Episode 2 and feature throughout the series.

I'll include a brief description below.  Feel free to PM me or comment if you're interested in the character and I'll send along some example lines.

-Dynamite Lee-

Former 3 time SWF heavyweight champion, and one half of the legendary wrestling tag duo Team Ranma. Dynamite Lee is charismatic and charming; usually presenting a laid back friendly attitude. He will often be seen smiling or joking around, though he knows how to cut an intense promo when needed.

Thank you for reading and regards



The first episode of Living with Lolly has been published, I want to thank everyone involved in the project. This was my first real attempt at a full length animation, and whilst it was a difficult and often unexpected learning process; I really appreciate all the tips and advice given throughout its creation.


You can view the episode here:


I'm starting work on Episode 2 now, in the future however, these episodes will be split into two (roughly six minute each) parts. So hopefully I'll be posting new animations more frequently.


If you'd like to check out the Youtube page for LWL, I'm planning on posting vlog updates and any relevant news.


Thank you all again, and I hope you enjoy