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Female VA needed for paid voice work

2016-10-01 22:14:41 by KenOhSama


Hey everyone

I need a female VA to play the role of Leah in LWL Episode 2. It's a pretty short scene and once I have her lines the Episode will be ready to upload, I'd like to get this last part done fairly soon ^_^

If anyone is interested in voicing the character, please message me on here and we can discuss all the details including payment and whatnot x3

But I should probably write a little description about the character first xP and I'll include some images at the bottom for visual reference.

---Leah Marie---
A sarcastic and often snarky girl, Leah has a habit of getting straight to the point when it comes to conversation, often blurting out things that most people would avoid mentioning. When Leah is talking you usually get the impression that she's focused on other things, her mind wanders, she changes topic randomly and she doesn't seem to commit to one train of thought.



I'm happy to answer any other questions about the character, and I'll be sure to give more details if needed

Thanks for reading!



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2016-10-01 22:55:05

I know a few but I'm not really sure if they're still active here:

KenOhSama responds:

Thanks for the suggestions Nikki and Katbu are already voicing characters, but I'll check out Doopie and Trina ^_^


2016-10-01 23:12:02

Two of those voice actresses already voice characters in the series.


2016-10-02 00:42:45 @Nikki-chi is still active and i'm in touch with her, she's really good.


2016-10-02 13:59:39

I could have something for you tomorrow morning. :D


2016-10-08 11:02:24

How's your project?In case you do need someone again,I have a friend who is interested: